Sunday, December 8, 2013


Procrastination doesn't happen because the person is lazy - it happens because the person does not see an achievable and rewarding goal in the short term. So, the person goes off to find other rewarding things to do instead.

The stupid person throws up his hand at big problems and resigns to the illusion that he's a lazy bum. The smart person understands this, and plans things ahead such that he'd always have a few small things he can accomplish each day towards the overall goal.

The flip side of thinking ahead and executing things in a divide-and-conquer manner though.. is you'd finally realize your seemingly easy goals really do take a lot of efforts to accomplish. As days go on.. you'd accomplish things little-by-little, but you'd also realize the fact that.. they're little.

Thus comes the biggest realization of all...

Money is man-made and arbitrary, but time is very limited. You can't hijack a central bank or invent a new virtual currency and make it print more time for you.

I've probably already burnt through 1/4 or even 1/3 of my life by now - most of it spent in a trap called "education" that wasn't very productive. There's not much time left before I'd have grown old and my mind no longer being able to cut through new things like a hot knife through butter... This is not ideal.


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