Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some predictions and wishlist for the coming year

It's a bit late to do it in May but I'm beginning to find myself constantly forgetting big picture things.

  1. Mobile applications will increasingly be done in HTML5 and wrapped inside something like PhoneGap.
  2. Co-routine I/O libraries like gevent and eventlet, and the whole approach in general irrespective of languages, will take off. Someone will implement an Actor model on top of them to make them work nicely across processes. (note: Pykka doesn't work across processes, yet)
  3. will get more buzz.
  4. CoffeeScript will get a lot more users, especially for those people on Node.js. Writing sophisticated server-side logic in plain JavaScript is crazy.
  5. NowJS will be a flop.
  6. ChromeOS will be a flop - for now. But Google has the money and patience to iterate.
  7. WebSockets and WebGL will remain experimental.
  8. The general direction for software that'll take off are things that are lean and mean - in terms of performance, code size, ease of development, etc.
  9. Everybody that matters will will say UX instead of UI - which means just a good UX will no longer confer significant competitive advantage in general.
  10. The HK government will keep pushing meaningless things like "the wine industry" where a single tech company will easily trump the whole industry in terms of revenue - but they'll keep talking the talk on tech.
  11. HK university graduates still don't know their mainland counterparts from similarly high-ranked universities are already getting a higher salary and maybe 2x to 3x their real purchasing power.
  12. The world will not end tonight, doomsday preachers are nuts.


kin said...

> 11


don't tell them :x

Benny said...

>10, government only talks meaningless thing. No one understands technology in the so called tech incubator.

beautiful building and facilities with stupid minds.

In general HK IT industry is focusing on service side to support other industries.

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