Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AFeature - Interactive JavaScript console for mobile HTML5 applications

I created this because I really needed something interactive to debug my PhoneGap iOS project. There is a similar project out there called ibug but it is no longer working.

You can get the code here, and below is a quick screencast.

Edit: Turns out it was unnecessary. I kept searching for Mobile Firebug before I came to the conclusion that I need to write one myself. But someone from the PhoneGap user group told me there's actually a Mobile Web Inspector out there. It's good enough for me for now, although I have to say I don't really like the Java server code in there... looks overly complicated to me.


lap said...

Very nice. Do you think we should create html5 mobile app rather than native apps?

Kou Man Tong said...

If you don't need to release your app in these six months, then I think it's a yes. Think about it.. the biggest problems for mobile apps right now are...

1. Performance
2. Native features
3. Immature mobile HTML5 software stack

Performance is gonna be solved with better hardware and software libraries. Native features can be done by various plugin mechanisms like PhoneGap or JSCocoa. Problem 3 can be solved either with time, or if you're confident in your own skills, you can hack the libraries out there like jQuery Mobile until it works for you.

But eventually.. all of these problems are gonna be solved, in time. And the benefits of being able to hire HTML5 developers to make mobile apps and being able to make and support apps cross platforms will outweigh the costs.