Saturday, May 17, 2008

The second to fourth days of moving...

I connected the ADSL modem to the telephone jack in the second day I moved in, but there was simply no signal. So for a few days I had to go to HKUST for Internet access.

While I was back home without Internet access in the few days, I tried to do some experiments with the iPhone SDK from Apple. Since I don't have an iPhone but I want to develop web applications that can be used in iPhone, I'm very interested in the Safari browser inside Apple's iPhone simulator. So I downloaded Apple's "Getting Started" videos along with the iPhone SDK while I had Internet access in HKUST.

A little JavaScript code thrown into the iPhone simulator reveals that it is actually using the Safari browser in my MacBook Pro, so it's not a separate Safari installation. This is a little bit discomforting... Would everything running ok in the simulator's Safari browser run in an actual iPhone as well?

This is where I got my Internet access in the first few days. I was usually sitting in the Library, in the Cafe or in the new wing area of HKUST (in photo). I was actually a little bit worried when I left my MBP alone while getting off for a drink or for the toilet; but then, I've done that for 3 years and my notebook never got stolen. HKUST is an incredibly nice place by the way, I would have studied my Master's here right after the Bachelor's degree if I could, but I have a family to feed. Even scholarships plus a TA job won't be enough for my family's expenditures. Being a poor man in a rich city sucks a lot.

Strangely, in the few days I sat in UST for Internet access, I've only met one familiar person. I thought I could ask some of my previous schoolmates who're taking Master's now for a lunch in those few days.

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