Monday, August 20, 2007

Kernel based virtualization on Fedora Core 7

Linux kernel running Windows XP (well, the installer, at least) via Intel Vanderpool technology. Hmm... the irony.

The installer runs noticeably slower than VMWare though. Also, there are some show stopper usability bugs with Fedora Core 7's Virtualization Manager which are stopping me from fully installing Windows XP in the VM console... thus forcing me to call the VM engine (QEMU/KVM) from the command line to do the second stage of WinXP installation.

Update: Just found the reason for the slow down. While installing Windows XP on QEMU/KVM, the user must press F5 (instead of F7 as indicated by KVM's FAQ) at the beginning of the installation and choose "Standard PC" as the computer type. The problem is documented here.

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