Monday, April 30, 2007

WT Toolkit 0.3.3 Performance Optimizations

A problem plaguing WT Toolkit ever since its birth is performance. WT Toolkit 0.1.x and 0.2.x felt slow all the time because of the garbage collector running in the background. 0.3.0 eliminated the background garbage collector and yet we kept it automatic so the programmer doesn't have to care about lapsed listeners (well, most of the time).

But at 0.3.2, our performance is still bad compared to other popular toolkits like Dojo Toolkit and Qooxdoo. Widget creation latencies increase linearly in a very quick manner as the number of on-screen widgets increases. The effect isn't very noticeable under Firefox, but WT Toolkit 0.3.2 definitely felt slow under Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

Well... not anymore for the upcoming WT Toolkit 0.3.3! Even though I've already submitted my FYP final report, new work has begun on performance optimizations! Yeah, baby!

How much have we optimized? Let's see what a little trick called "delayed execution" (available in WT Toolkit 0.3.3) can do...

Before optimizations:

After optimizations:

As a result of the work on performance optimizations, I left the work on WT Toolkit website to Marco. He couldn't complete it on 29th April because he had other academic work to do at that time. But anyway, we're having steady progress on WT Toolkit's website, we'll be seeing more and more amazing things as time goes on. :-)

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