Sunday, April 29, 2007


Group norm 的確係不好挑戰的

算, 我係 hea 的. 我無野好講.


Anonymous said...

every job has its meaning and importance in the society, you can't really say which one is superior to the others

Kou Man Tong said...

There's not a single mention of the words "superior", "importance" or anything similar in my passage. "meaning" appeared once but I wrote that under a completely irrelevant context. I never said an accountant is inferior to an engineer when the society is concerned. If you grasped anything that says an accountant is inferior, it is in your head, not my passage. And why do you have that in your head even though I never mentioned it? The "bean counters are inferior" notion is popular in geek culture, you might have been confused by that. But I never mentioned that in my passage, I didn't even write the term "bean counters".

Accountants and bankers and lawyers are useful, yes. I never said they're useless or any less worthy. The problem is, people are thinking engineers are useless. Systems like SOES and ECN changed the face of Wall Street in the 90s, quantitative firms utilizing computation models in making investment decisions are competing closely or surpassing traditional investment managers. And yet, there's this notion that engineers are useless, everywhere.