Monday, April 23, 2007

Biometrics a fad?

How secure is it to use your fingerprint as an authentication token? Much research has been done to that, so it must be secure, right?

But wait a moment... you leave your fingerprints everywhere, every day. It's pretty much public information. And using public information as a secret key sounds like a dumb idea, doesn't it?

Yup... it's dumb. Everybody can crack a fingerprint scanner with a printer, transparency slides, PCB etching tools, and any moldable plastics. It's at its heart security by obscurity. And it's remarkable how much bullshit went into that "unbreakable door lock" in the video. Using moisture as an authentication condition?! On come on, is moisture really so scarce or secret on Earth? Now what's next? Iris scanners? Your iris pattern can be captured everywhere, in 3D, even... it might be a little bit more difficult to capture and reproduce, but it's public information, nonetheless. If what they are betting on is the resolution of cameras (which can definitely be improved as time goes on), then they're relying on security by obscurity.

It's remarkable how far snake oil technologies can make into the market, government institutions, and even academia.

By the way, the video rocks! It feels like reading an early issue of the Phrack magazine (much of the hacks don't work anymore, of course. But wait... the fork bomb still works ) or some of the classical papers/theses (like, Chord). Easy to read, concrete procedures, concrete results, and profound implications.

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